How to setup up action on a JP?

How to setup up action on a JP?

Hi guys, ive read through the setup guide on the EB FAQ but was still wondering how you guys set up the action on your JP guitars.
I’ve got the bridge leveled so thats all good and now I think the next step is to adjust the neck relief and saddle heights.

Since i havent adjusted the saddle heights since i got it from the factory my guess is that when I need to lower the saddles i can do each screw evenly to keep the radius the same as they had it. Would this be the right way about it? I’d take it to a music shop but I want to learn how to do it myself for the future.
I would be aiming for 1.5mm at the 12th fret all around. For low action light that, how much neck relief is needed? It is coming up to the hot Australian summer too.

Thanks in advance!

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