How to use Vyzor Editor in real time with GMajor2?

How to use Vyzor Editor in real time with GMajor2?

Having worked with units like the H9 which gives you an amazing iPad bluetooth (BT) app to tweak presets in the middle of a practice or gig (if you’re not worred about BT security), I seek a similar experience with my GMajor 2 effects unit.

One immediate problem I have is this:
1. I set up my GM2 to listen to MIDI channel 1 and respond to program changes that are sent by a MIDI controller to my amp which is on MIDI channel 1.
2. The above works great until you want to use the Vyzor editor app.  It seems that the GM2 and my amp both using the same MIDI channel is thwarting Vyzor’s ability to connect to my GM2.

Thus, does this mean, that if I want to get the benefits of the editor (and who wants to enter 100 preset names with a data wheel?) I must rewire my rack?

On a related issue, The GM2 nicely follows my amp and displays the preset name.  This overcomes a deficiency in my amp (H&K Grandmeister 36) which does not display any preset info whatsoever.  It helped them keep the cost down, but I’d pay more now for it.

Changing the preset on my GM2 does nothing to my amp.  I do not implement channel switching driven by the GM2.

Ideally, I would like to be select presets for both my amp and GM2 using either the GM2 or a MIDI controller.

Therefore, I wonder: are there any general purpose MIDI manipulator devices out there? 

I may make a small microcontroller widget that has these features:
1. MIDI IN and OUT connectors.  7-pin type allows phantom power.
2. It watches for program changes on MIDI channel 1 (the amp) and channel 2 (GM2).  Later we could  make channels selectable.
3. When a program change is detected on one device, that program change is sent to the other device.
4. Obviously, the widget must not get stuck in a loop, chasing its tail forever.

With this scheme, I would no longer have to put my effects on the same MIDI channel as the amp, and that should open the possibility of being able to readily edit them.

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