Hyper Gravity Compressor failure (hardware or software?)

Hyper Gravity Compressor failure (hardware or software?)

Hi folks, I just bought a TC E. Hyper Gravity Comp. and since the first day there is something wrong with the pedal. After a long period using the pedal in Spectra mode and then switching to Toneprint mode I turn the first knob (Level or Blend for example) and the pedal powers off and back on, it’s like a pedal reset because the custom preset disappears and the ‘default’ toneprint is back again.

This problem only happens one time right after I switch modes and not always,

I tried to update de firmware and it happens again (even in the Vintage mode), I contacted tech support and they told me “SOUNDS like a hardware problem” but I need a second opinion because I can’t return the pedal to Sweetwater because I imported the pedal, I mean, I bought the pedal in Sweetwater and then sent to another country.

To me it looks like a internal software issue, I wonder if it is correct and I need to wait for a new firmware update?


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