Hypergravity – peaky attack, like pops & clicks

Hypergravity – peaky attack, like pops & clicks

Hi everyone!
I’m a little bit confused with how Hypergravity affects the sound and want to clear some things up.

When I activate pedal everything seems to work fine, but when I hit the notes I hear very loud short attack like click or pop comparing to the rest of the signal. I mean it’s very noticeably and not too pleasant… Your playing sounds like gunshots.
I had Boss CS-3 and didn’t notice so drastic difference.

I tried to search similar problems in web and I found this thread
http://forums.prsguitars.com/threads/am … guy.19419/
I have no noise issue, but this is my case:
>>> Second, it adds a lot of “pop” to note attack, no matter where I set the attack knob. So, basically, I only like it with mild compression and when the blend is majority set to the dry signal.

I tried different knobs settings, spectra/toneprint/vintage settings, but I still have those pops.
Here’s a comparison of the original non-compressed signal to quickest and slowest attack settings (blend 100% wet, level 12 o’clock, sustain 12 o’clock)

So it’s end up that I have to use some kind of limiter after recording to reduce those peaks
but this is not an option for live playing…

Is it normal/regular behavior for this pedal?
Anything could be done to resolve this peak issue?

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