I thought I was done with JPs…

I thought I was done with JPs…

until I bought this JP13 and I’m totally floored by it!

I’ve had a few JP6s and I just never got along with the neck shape/size. I especially like the early ones with the Air Norton/Steve’s Special pickups, the tone was exactly what I was looking for but the neck always felt thin and small so I ended up selling them. One thing that always stuck in my head was how good the piezo & preamp sounded in the JPs, so when I found myself experimenting again with acoustic IRs in my Headrush, my first thought was another MM with a piezo bridge. I ended up finding a JP13 for an outstanding price and after doing some research, I said what the heck. I’m glad I did. The changes to the neck shape are subtle but it fits better in my hand and doesn’t feel as tiny as past JPs. The fit and finish are top notch as with all MMs and the piezo bridge is exactly what I needed. This particular JP13 is loud and resonate unplugged. I’m glad to be back in the JP fold again.

I know, pics or it didn’t happen:

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