ib modified g system problem with loop!

ib modified g system problem with loop!

hi,mr massimo mantovani change in italy my g system to ib mod!then i received the unit and i try it!but with the clean sound it’s very good and dynamic it’s very good with my amp hot rod de luxe ,but when i used the loop 1 (ocd overdrive)or loop 2 (bk butler)or loop 3 (76’s ramshead),i have bad overdrive ,i think i have perhaps a saturation numerique.before the modification of my g system i have no trouble ,the 4 loop with overdrive is good,but now bad!!my gear is :
input gain 5db

loop level 5db

loop headroom 6db

volume 0db

boost max 4db

output level 0db

i have tchek this parameter it’s ok  with the sound clear it’s ok but ,i have put the pedale overdrive in loop 3 and another one in loop 4 ,but i think the saturation it’s not good,not correctly ! i think perhaps ,internal overload results in audible digital glitches.

my gear on the g system

guitar >mesa boogie dual buffer high  wire > polytune > input g system>

loop 1 > compressor triode photo optical pc-2a >compresssor cali 76

loop 2 > tube driver bk butler > buffalo TD-X equaliser gain booster

loop 3 > costalab moon drive > 75’s ramshead

loop 4 > crunch mendoza > full tone  OCD

insert > decimator II > MXR phase 90  > drybell vibe machine > MXR equaliser 10 bandes

left output > mesa boogie dual buffer high input de hot rod de luxe

pedale de volume > Ernieball

pedale expression >  mission

Semi parallel routing

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