I'm restringing all my guitars because of this video

I'm restringing all my guitars because of this video

Rick Beato did a video on string size and tone that was pretty revealing to me.

I changed all my guitars to regular 10’s maybe 15 years ago and just stayed with them for some semi-valid reasons and because I have a tough time adapting to different gauges I wanted consistency.

Well, Rick Beato blew up my world with this video to I tried changing my 2 Reflexes to 8’s and an Armada and PRS (shorter scale length) to 9’s.

No doubt I think the tone, especially on the low wound strings at medium or even higher gain, is way improved. Much tighter and better for most mixes. More snap or bark on the attack which I think is a better sound. Got rid of a lot of low noise that I would have just shelved out anyway.

On the neck pickup or higher up on the neck on the non-wound strings I don’t hear as much of a difference, especially as with higher gain tones.

I really like how easy it has made my picking and I think it’s improved that part of my playing.

The bad parts: It really changes the way you use your fretting hand as it’s real easy to either bend or just kind of squeeze the notes out of tune. I’m hoping this is just an adjustment in technique that I’ll make if I stick with it.

Also, for my Reflex’s I’ve had to go down to 2 springs to get the bridge to float at all. With 3 springs and 8’s you can’t let the screws out far enough! And I always like my bridges to have at least a 1/2 step on the up side.

Just wanted to see if anyone else had seen this video. I expect there will soon be run on thinner gauge strings!

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