Impact Twin : jittered sound in Win 10 via Apple's Bootcamp

Impact Twin : jittered sound in Win 10 via Apple's Bootcamp


just recently I purchased an apple mac mini (late 2014 version) and I’m using apple’s thunderbolt to firewire adapter to connect the mac mini from one of its thunderbolt ports to my Impact Twin using my already owned firewire cable. I’ve experienced no issue whatsoever with Impact Twin’s operation and mac OX X (initially I used Sierra and then upgraded to highSierra).

Due to certain reasons I switched to Windows via the use of Apple’s Bootcamp software.
I’ve installed Windows 10 (64-bit) and I’m solely booting from the Win OS ever since.

The problem is that sometimes I detect “audible jitter” which is sporadic but all the more frequent as time passes by until the point when sound is not audible at all (even though playback continues from whichever source I’m using, eg youtube or foobar2000).
The trick (and I’m forced to revert to this work-around) I found to overcome this is to switch-off the Impact Twin and then switch it back on. More often than not the “jitter then fade-out” won’t re-occur but this is not 100% the case.

Has anyone else experienced such a problem with Win OS via Bootcamp? It’s quite frustrating as you can imagine.

What I’ve noticed though is that when I select “properties -> advanced” for this audio device I cannot set the sampling rate to any other value than the max supported (24 bit, 192 KHz).
When I try lowering it I am faced with an “format not supported by device” prompt from Windows.

I had no problems with using my Impact with my old Win 10 (64 bit) laptop equipped with a firewire express-card by.

Info on Config:

F/W Version : 1.11 (build 2604)
Driver Version :

I thank you in advance for your responses.

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