Is the Luke 3 for me? I need experienced advice

Is the Luke 3 for me? I need experienced advice


I’ve been playing nothing but strats for ages until this year when my better half pushed me to get outside my comfort zone. This was during lockdown so I was relegated to internet shopping and settled on- don’t laugh- a Schecter PT SLS. It is definitely different! Thin neck, active pups, compound radius, 24 stainless frets…and I love it. It’s made me better as a player and a writer. The only thing I changed was the pups from Fishman Moderns to PAF style Open Core Classics.

So now that I’ve had a taste of what modernity is like 🤣 I want MOAR! I’m still not sure I love active pups. It feels like there’s a thin layer of disconnect between me and the instrument. A buddy of mine swears by EBMM (although he just plumped for an Anderson) so now I’m down the rabbit hole. The big problem is there aren’t any here. I can drive an hour and a half to check out a Valentine, a model I’m very curious about. But there are no Luke 3’s within 3 hours, which is the other one I’m obsessing over.

I play alternative indie rock, shoegaze, a little punk, and a little bit of ambient stuff too.

The Valentine- SS frets, versatile, has tele sounds.

The Luke- flatter radius (the biggest thing I love about the Schecter over the strats), floating bridge, but will I miss bigger, SS frets? Is it also a versatile instrument?

Sorry to be long winded but the closest Valentine is pretty far and there’s no chance of trying a Luke at all. I’d be buying it online.

Thanks for any advice!!

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