It says Majesty Monarchy came with RPS 10 Slinkys #2240

It says Majesty Monarchy came with RPS 10 Slinkys #2240

Was about to order spare strings and was surprised to find out the Majesty came with 10’s. I’ve always used 9’s on my Strat, yet the Majesty is WAAAAAAY easier to play, even after I had spent considerable time setting the Strat string height as low as possible. Doesn’t make sense but I’ll take it.

I still can’t get over how great this guitar sounds. I run it straight into a Mustang III amp with no effects pedals, using one of the few clean settings, “Intro Clean”, and every note rings out clear and smooth. I got to where I diddle around on it while sitting back in my Lazyboy recliner and watching movies on Netflix, making up little riffs to go with the movie soundtrack. What a great guitar.

On a side note, I bought a 50′ roll of Mogani guitar cable and plugs to make shorter cables, but instead of cutting it up I put a plug on each end to see if I can hear any difference between it and some no-name 10′ cables laying around.

Supposedly longer cables have more capacitance which diminish your highs before the signal reaches your amp. I had read that Hendrix used extra long cables to give his sound more bottom end, (and extra short cables to get a ‘brighter’ sound). For the life of me I can’t hear any difference, but it could be Mogani’s claim of lower capacitance offsets the longer length. Regardless, the Majesty sounds awesome with the 50′ cable.

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