It’s all your fault Foggy…. Strap in….

It’s all your fault Foggy…. Strap in….

Isn’t it always the way… you post on this forum, have al look around then… boom…. GAS! I know I have had more come backs than cher but maybe just one more for Smelly.

So a few days ago I commented on Rubardo’s 25th post, – as I’m still lucky enough to have one. Ol’ Foggy and I agree that small dots are sexy so I went on the internet…… 🙂

I don’t know about you guys, but right now it’s hard to find instruments as the world has decided to learn guitar during the pandemic, which I guess is a good thing but also a challenge when shopping online. in the UK we had brexit too so grey imports are a MEGA challenge now as they cost more than buying through clean channel!!

At my time of life I guess it’s more about looking at what you haven’t done yet, and by that I also include which EBMM’s you always wanted but never got around to. I know newer knuckleheads will be even a little bored by my choice here, but the newer stuff for me isn’t my thing, – the Valentine looks nice as does the cutlass etc. but there are just a few classic shapes I always wanted so…..

I bought this…. 2017 NOS Silo special- still got the wrapping not he pick guard, I always wanted one of these after seeing Jamie Humphries and Tristian Klein demo these back in the day. If the pandemic has taught us anything it should be that time is precious and not promised to anyone, so break out your credit card and do what makes you smile 🙂

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