JP 6/7 Input Jack Help needed

JP 6/7 Input Jack Help needed

As an avid JP user for going on. . . however long he has been with EBMM. I had an original JP6 sans Piezo, and every other version I’ve had has either been BFR/Anniv, and my main guitar is the Majesty.

I just nabbed a new JP7, and I”m having issues with the mono jack. Whenever I’m plugged into it, on the gain channel of my amp, I’m getting all these intermittent blips and beeps when I have either the magnetic pups, piezo, or mix selected. Almost like I have me cell phone near the amp or something (I don’t). When I plug into the STEREO jack, it’s gone. I Ab/B’d it with my Majesty, and there is NO issue at all.

And no, there are no computers or anything that would offer interference at all going on. I tried it with all three of my amps, as well as the Maj (and a few other bucker guitars), and that’s the only one where it’s occurring,

I”ll probably have to contact CS, but thought I’d turn to my peers here at first to see if there was something I was overlooking. Thanks, guys!

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