JP Trem Arm Bottom Grub Screw Adjustment

JP Trem Arm Bottom Grub Screw Adjustment

Ok, so I know where the usual trem arm tension grub screw is behind the bridge under the intonation screws, and this typically tightens up the arm just fine. But, on one of my JP15s I simply couldn’t tighten it any more without danger of stripping the hex head, and yet the bar still had too much play as well as some slop along the neck axis.

I’ve always noticed another 1.5mm grub screw on the underside of the trem block but never messed with it on any of my EBMMs before. So I decided to stick a key in it and noticed it was extremely loose, so I tightened it up to be snug + 1/4 turn and voila – the slop and play in the arm disappeared. Arm still removes and inserts just as smoothly as before too.

The main question is… how snug should this guy really be? Is it correct to adjust while the bar is inserted? I think there might have been a single thread in the past that mentions this adjustment but I can’t find it for the life of me right now.

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