Jp15 6 strings with warped neck

Jp15 6 strings with warped neck

Hi there,

I just bought a brand new Jp15 online and upon arrival the guitar wasn’t tuned.
After tuning it in standard I noticed a lot of fret buzz around the top of the neck, especially on E A and D while playing some chords or note, open strings not being an issue!

By looking more closely i could see the strings were extremely close to the neck, probably less than a millimeter and looking from the back the top of the neck seemed warped especially from the 4th fret causing the strings being to close!

After contacting the shop they claimed it’s a problem that can happen during transport and asked me to send it back so they can fix it.

Another thing is, the guitar is howling and has some feedback way to easily compared to my other guitars.
Same gear , same settings , noise gate on at its max and still it comes in really quick while having some heavy gain on the overdrive.
Is it normal ? What should I check ?

Now I’m not questioning what they are saying but, should I worry ?
I’m still in the first days so I can still cancel the purchase of the guitar is considered faulty or the quality my isn’t up to expectations!

What would you advise me to do ?

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