JP15 pickup height (pickup swap)

JP15 pickup height (pickup swap)

Its been awhile since I’ve been active here but recently got my Dimarzio pickups after a 5 month long Covid backlog. I’m replacing the Illuminators (pcb/5 pin connector) set in my JP15 with Dimarzio Transition (neck) and Dominion (bridge) with the pcb option. I forgot to take a reference measurement before taking the old pups out and wondering if someone wouldn’t mind measuring the height of their pickups on a JP15 – from the pickup to bottom of string (mm or inch)

the neck pickups are pretty identical in height though the 5 pins on the pcb for the new pickup are facing the opposite way the Illuminator was so the lead from the cavity had to be bent overitself which may have caused the pickup to be slightly raised.

the bridge pickups are another story. The original illuminator is much taller than the Dominion. I had some rubber feet from a pedal board that worked great as spacers underneath the tabs. I just used a utility knife to shave down to size but feel it might be a tad low.

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