jp6 or silhouette?

jp6 or silhouette?

Hi all,

I’m trying to make up my mind on settling for either a JP6 or Silhouette. Both are not an option, unfortunately …
I want a versatile, all-round guitar, with nice, (warm) cleans, and if possible a good heavy (lead) sound, although I have other options for that (Jackson RR1 (hh), Jackson Dinky (hss), Hamer Centaura (hss)).
I want this guitar to be my main study/practice guitar (jazz, country, chords, scales, techniques, and if possible, shred). I’d preferably have a non-floating trem on this guitar, but it’s not the most important feature.
My question to you, without taking the shred part too explicitly into account, convince me of choosing one or the other 🙂
Suggestions for changing pickups in either guitar to conform to my demands are also welcome.

Need more info? Shoot!

thanks 😀

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