JP6 Stainless Steel Frets – Used buyers guide

JP6 Stainless Steel Frets – Used buyers guide


I’ve been wanting a JP6 for a long time and have finally decided to pull the trigger.

I’d love to buy one new, however here in the UK they’re £3,000/$4,000 new, which is more than my budget.

I’m pretty relaxed about almost all the specs (piezo, colour, even condition to a point) however the one thing I won’t compromise on is stainless steel frets.

The problem is that many used adverts don’t always specify fret material.

I did read a forum post on here from a few years back that seemed to confirm that all post NAMM 2011 JP6s had SS frets.

Can anyone help me to figure out a way to know whether or not a Reverb/eBay/local classified advertised JP6 has SS frets or not!!

TL;DR Do all JP6’s from 2011 onwards have stainless steel frets?


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