JP60 Crazy bright pickups

JP60 Crazy bright pickups

Hey all!

I have a sterling jp60. It’s the only JP I can afford at the moment. But I noticed that its neck pickup is just insanely bright.

I play a digital guitar rig – Line 6 Helix with stereo FRFR’s (L3m). I have done all the normal things when making digital patches (steep high low cuts on cab blocks) etc. and many of my other guitars sound sweet in the neck area so I don’t think this is necessarily a digital thing. But the JP60 pickups in the neck just seem so bright and attacking for a neck pickup. Is this customary for this type of guitar?

I know there will likely be some comments on getting real crunch labs/liquifires, etc. but to be honest, I have a few other budget guitars (like my Charvel Joe Duplantier San Dimas Tele, made in Indonesia) where the thing rips and I have zero inclination to swap out the pickups.

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