Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in…

Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in…

I am a HUGE EBMM fanboi and have remained a loyal fan for years even though I am a gear whore and like to jump from brands to brands in my gear whoredom…. I have been going the passive flatwound direction over the past several years as it really fit what I was doing musically. Recently I have gotten back to my roots and am in a more soul/funk oriented band and have been gradually pulled back into an all too familiar EBMM hysteria that I have enjoyed over the years. Well lots of cool things have happened around here since I was a regular and I am trying to get caught up and get my hands on some cool basses too.

I purchased a new Natural/Maple Ray last summer and put flats on it and it is min my main rotation but recently have acquired two new EBMM… both drop dead minty new, a Classic Sabre in the same color combo and a NT Stingray in Blueburst. Both are AMAZING instruments. I apparently have gotten the bug so bad that I ordered a new Classic Stingray in Natural/Maple. I truly love the classic series basses as well as the neck through.

One thing that I have missed and find so nice to come back to is the consistent quality and playability of each and every EBMM bass I put my hands on. Nothing feels better than a solid instrument. Kudos to BP and the gang for keeping the fire burning and the dedication to producing quality musical instruments.

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