Kinda/Sorta NDG Cutlass

Kinda/Sorta NDG Cutlass

I gave my beloved Cutlass RS away to my kid because she is freakin awesome!

About a year ago my 16yo daughter started teaching herself to play guitar. She’s a weird one for her age. Her first concert way Taylor Swift but her first rock concert was Tenacious D (she was 14). Since then, we saw TOOL twice and she requested tickets to see Guns & Roses when she heard Slash was back. As she said, “I think I have pretty good taste in music. Don’t get me wrong, though, I also like some total garbage”. I challenge you to name me any other 16yo girl who has seen and can quote at least 3 Mel Brooks movies. #fatheroftheyearaward

Anyway, I went into my music room the other day and found her playing the Cutlass. I knew she was picking up some stuff on my acoustic but this was a surprise. Not just that she was playing it but that she’s actually getting pretty good. She’s been going through the other electrics but according to her the Cutlass was the best for her “puny little girl hands”.

I’m super walled of and emotionless, I have the dr’s diagnosis to prove it, but when she started playing I song I wrote for her as a baby I almost lost it. I know this sounds like fake internet crap but this was the actual conversation:

Me: So you like that one, huh?
Kid: Yeah, I like the neck better than the others
Me: Alright, well you need to take care of now it because it’s yours
Kid: But you love that guitar
Me: Meh, I love you more

So now I need to get her an amp to go with it. Because I’m a total dork I’ll probably get a Suhr Bella. Can you guess what her name is?

Yeah yeah, I know the rules. But the only pic I have of her playing is with a Rickenbacker. I’ll get a new one as soon as she doesn’t know I’m watching.

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