Konnekt Live very strange and big problem

Konnekt Live very strange and big problem

hi.. i recently change my computer. New motherboard does not have firewire interface so i bought a new one with TI chipset

https://www.amazon.co.uk/LINDY-FireWire … TI+chipset

interface installed fine, so does konnekt live. System shows that everything is alright, but when im trying listen something, (it doesnt matter if its asio or wdm drivers, wavelab, youtube or itunes etc) nothing happens, play button suggest that playback is on, but everything is like “on pause”. i dont have any requester reporting error or something, everything just stops.. in youtube picture stops in wavelab progres bar just stay put (like on pause), i can hit stop and it stops, but naver play a second.

What should i do?, please help

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