Konnekt48 MKII second live as high end pre-amp + DAC

Konnekt48 MKII second live as high end pre-amp + DAC

Its all too sad that the great Konnekt48 has been discontinued.

My idea is that it could succsessfully be repositioned in the market as a high end pre-amp including DAC.

For this, only the intransparent ELNA lytics in all audio sections must be replaced by some sort of audio grade capacitors like Cerafine, Blackgate or (for me preferrable) Tantals. Anything else on the hardware side can be left just like it is. That change of the capacitors alone would alreedy katapult the sond of the Konnekt in the high end ligue.

In addition to that, a preloaded RIAA plugin for the (now) MIC IN would make it fit for the growing number of Vinyl enthusiasts.

Provide a set of good quality RCA-XLR adapters and a set of good quality RCA-TRS adapters so that nobody must change his precious cables or plugs.
Possibly also offer a bundle with a well working laptop Firewire interface.

Then make some nice and informative videos that show how to set up the pre-amp in the context of HiFi gear

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