LIII Buckeye Burl in the House

LIII Buckeye Burl in the House

I’d been itching to get a LIII for a while, so when I saw the Buckeye Burl run, I couldn’t resist! Many thanks to A.J. and Billy for helping me source one. (And to Jeff for helping me decide to pull the trigger … his ‘NYNGD’ threads are like crack to an addict and he’s a fantastic source of information.)

First off- this thing plays like butter … no surprise there. What was a surprise was how great the pickups are! Really articulate, less midrangey than I expected, with a great tonal balance. They clean up amazingly well. I’m also sold on the onboard preamp- really makes dialing in a clean sound a breeze.

This guitar covers a ton of ground. First time I brought it to a rehearsal by band mates all went on about how good I sounded with it and how I should bring it out regularly. (Hopefully my Morse didn’t hear that.)

Anyhow, without further ado, the obligatory pics!

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