linking 3 Gmajor 2s

linking 3 Gmajor 2s

I’m in the process of updating my rig and have 3 Gmajor 2’s and an FCB1010.  I have 2 questions:

1)Is there a way to have the first Gmajor be the midi clock for the 2 following so that they are synchronized (each feeds a different amp)?  Otherwise when 2 or more are selected the echo will be out of sync and sound sloppy. 

2)If I can have the first be the midi clock for all 3 Then will it also set the tempo for the patch or will I have to edit the patches in all 3 (not terrible because I can copy from one to the other two fairly easily although its more initial set up work)? 

I have them connected as follows:

FCB1010 midi out > Gmajor unit 1 midi in
Gmajor unit 1 midi out to Gmajor unit 2 midi in
Gmajor unit 2 midi thru to major unit 3 midi in.

They are all in the effects loop preceded by a G String Decimator II so that things are nice and quiet when they should be.

I have already programed pedal 1 on the FCB to control the master volume on all three and pedal 2 as the mod 1 controller which I will use to control things like wah, flange depth, etc. as needed.  In that case I believe that I will have to make that connection by editing that particular patch in each unit.


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