Luke I – better strat sounds?

Luke I – better strat sounds?

I have recently acquired a Luke I, and I’m hoping to find a way to get the 2 & 4 positions to be able to sound more traditionally stratty. Pretty sure the pickups are 85/SA/SA. I *love* the sounds of the bridge and neck positions 1 & 5, so I don’t want to mess those up. The current middle position 3 is fine, but nothing special, and the 2 & 4 positions just really don’t do much for me. Definitely not even suggestive of a traditional strat 2/4 position.

I’m hoping to be able to find a different EMG middle pickup that would give me more of the traditional 2/4 strat sound. And I’m hoping that somebody else has wanted that, and has already found a solution in the many years that have gone by since the years of the Luke I.


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