Luke II Action VS Strat

Luke II Action VS Strat

I’m a very happy owner of a Luke II. 2 years ago I installed jumbo frets on it, due to a personal difficult relationship with the original frets.
I recently went to my luthier for a setup and I asked him to avoid fret buzzing as much as possible, (the one that upsets me the most is when it appearson the low E string).
I laso asked him to settle the whammy bar as indicated on the MM setup page so that the G string can be raised up to Bb.
He returned the guitar to me (standard tuning, 9-42 strings) with basically no fret buzz anywhere but I find the strings on the last frets being a bit too high for my tastes. He said it was mostly due to the fact that the bridge was probably “up” a bit too much than usual, due to my request.
I replied that this should not represent a problem as it was a very common setup on Luke’s guitar but he replied he would have preferred a different angle than that.

I own 2 Am St strats and they have very “straight” bridges, so the action is very comfortable all the way up and down on the fretboard, with basically no fretbuzz at all. Of course, they don’t have the same whammy range as my Luke (to me, the MM bridge works like a Floyd Rose and is 100 times better!).

I would like to ask to any other LUKE owner out there if the current setup on my Luke is the same for everyone or if you usually set your guitars in a different way.Thanks!

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