Majesty Intonation Adjustment – Can I Do It Myself?

Majesty Intonation Adjustment – Can I Do It Myself?


Loving the Majesty I bought a few months back. It has been getting GREAT use (around 5-6 hours per day).

I did finally run into a minor issue though. The intonation of the G string is slightly off. When I play a C chord, it is perfectly in tune. But when I play a D, it is slightly sharp. Then when I play something higher up the neck, it is also off.

The guitar intonation and tuning stability were immaculate the first couple months of use.

My questions:

1. For whatever reason, every guitar I’ve owned (except one) has had this same intonation issue. So I am assuming it is due to my play style. I play a lot of bluesy shred stuff and bend the G more than any other string. Is this likely the cause?

2. I told myself that I would always have a professional deal with the Majesty since it is such a high end guitar. But I started thinking it would be nice to learn how to adjust it myself since it will inevitably be an ongoing issue. Is this feasible? Or is it potentially risky to do myself?

Thank you for any help

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