Majesty Problems

Majesty Problems

Hey guys,
Luis M. from Colombia over here, looking for some help trying to fix a Majesty 6.

It’s got a couple of very specific yet weird problems.
– With switch on position 1, the sound completly mutes when you push down MAG TONE.

– Also, on same position, the guitar starts squeaking (high pitch oscillation) when you pull MAG VOL.
This squeack goes away if you move the MAG BOOST trim on the back counter clockwise, and that way the guitar sounds, but veeery veeery faint.

I’ve lifted the board on the back of the battery compartment, and all the voltages are there, and read what they are supposed to.

Let me know what you guys think, on know could be related too.


*FYI, I’m not the owner. I’m a full time audio tech. And given our location warranties of several brands are non existing or basically impossible to deal with. That’s why lots of gear end up at my workshop.
Cheers! 🙂

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