Majesty setup tips for noob

Majesty setup tips for noob

Hi All,

Have finally got my dream guitar, (Majesty Monarchy 7).

Was hoping people could help me to try & work out how I like it to be set up & the best/most systematic way to get a consistent result when adjusting the set up.

Neck relief:
Not sure how I am supposed to adjust it. If I look down with my guitar in playing position, if I have a tool inserted in the truss rod wheel & I pull it up towards my nose, am I adding relief or taking it away?

Was thinking that using a straight edge might be good for a noob like myself. Any tips for using a straight edge?

From what I have read, Mr Petrucci prefers a very flat neck. I am sure there are others out there that prefer varying degrees of neck relief. Any possible advantages/disadvantages that I should look out for while trying to work out what I prefer?

Saddle height/radius:
From what I have read, I am pretty happy that adjusting the saddle height is easy enough to do but how do you guys account for the radius of the neck when adjusting saddle height?

Do you just measure fret height across each string to make sure it is consistent or is there some other trick?

Also wondering how it works if I find I prefer the height of the string a bit higher from the fretboard on my low B as opposed to my high E.

Was reading that Mr Petrucci likes his action crazily low – 1mm (sorry US guys, being from Australia, I think in metric). I can’t imagine I could stand the fret buzz I would get when playing unplugged with it that low.

Adjusting tremolo angle & intonation seems pretty self-explanatory from what I have read but if there are any gotchas to watch out for in aspect of setting up these guitars, I am happy to get any advice that is out there.

Sorry about the dumb questions. Just looking to try & set my guitar up as well as I can for myself so that setup is not a distraction from learning to play, (as well as I may be able at any rate).

Thanks in advance to the EBMM brains trust.

All the best, Salty.

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