Majesty – Tuning Issues

Majesty – Tuning Issues

I am having tuning issues with my new majesty. I have read various forum threads and tried the common fixes – nut sauce (nut only), new strings (well broken-in). The locking tuners are set up correctly with less than 1 wind. Everything is tight but still the thing goes out after a dive bomb or if I pull up on the trem. Tuning is fairly stable on wide bends.

I have spent an inordinate amount of time tuning a guitar that is this expensive.

I don’t go in for crazy trem action when I play, but regardless I can’t help but feel that the guitar should still be staying in-tune with some light trem play.

Am I expecting too much from a floating trem that doesn’t have a locking nut?

I am keen to hear from anyone else who has these issues and managed to correct them, or if my expectations are unrealistic.


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