MASH volume pedal?

MASH volume pedal?

Hey guys,

I have been looking for a volume pedal to do Swells with on my really small pedal board. My signal chain is guitar -> Flashback delay -> Reverb -> Amp. I have been thinking of adding a volume pedal between the guitar and delay in order to do big swells that sustain while I play the next chord/note.

After hearing about the MASH pedal built into the flashback V2 and others, I thought that would make a great replacement for a volume pedal! No contact is full volume, hard press is silent, as the press lightens, the volume comes back in. Wouldn’t be any good for setting a reduced volume and leaving it, but would be great for quick swells, which is exactly what I want to use it for! Do you guys make any pedals that can do this? Can I make a pedal do this with a custom TonePrint?

Alternatively, I found this demo of the Hall of Fame 2, and it looks like he is doing swells with MASH, but then I see him also using the volume on his guitar. Would I just need to get a Hall of Fame 2 to do what I want? Or is there more going on here?

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