Hi Guys,

I am really hoping that you good people can help me with another inane query as I work my way through the potential of this fantastic device…

As part of this endeavor, I am being forced to grapple with the mysterious world of MIDI and so want to ask the following:

I am currently using the G-System to trigger channel changes on a Marshall JVM410c via MIDI which, to my amazement, works just fine.  However, I also have a Digitech Whammy (which, to be honest, I still prefer over the S-System equivalent) and a Strymon Bigsky, both of which I would like to synchronise via MIDI.  However, with only one MIDI out from the G-System, I have no idea where to start.

Any assistance (phrased in a way which would be suitable for a 5 year old child) would be very much appreciated.



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