MIFFED AT all these discontinued products! Hobbyists Beware!

MIFFED AT all these discontinued products! Hobbyists Beware!

I just don’t get -

The 2290, 1210, G-Force, G-System, and on and on- there’s a whole online page or 2 of discontinued TC Electronic products. All of them top notch, EXPENSIVE, pieces of technological mastery.. And what’s worse, the shelf life of these behemoths is getting shorter with every iteration. 2290- 20 years, 1210 roughly the same, G Force- 10-12 years, G -system- 5-7 years.

It’s PRODUCT’S LIFESPANS ARE getting shorter and SHORTER, and more and more intolerable. Same thing: we sink big bucks in these great products, and before you know it, they are suddenly obsolete, discontinued, with no support, no repair parts, no nothing, except a spate of new products we are supposed to buy, only to find THEM discontinued. NO THANKS.

Back in 1999-2000, I had some spare money and sunk 3,000$ into a pair of G -Forces; here in 2017, I AM almost 67, money is tight, and I have two discontinued products, that I am told probably cannot be repaired. WHAT IF: what if TC had maintained the 2290? Studios all over the US would have legacy 2290’s they could continue to use, ditto with 1210 Chorus/Spatializer. Yes, You CAN find some buys on used TC gear- 2290’s, 1210’s, you name it, BUT, only fools and the very brave are bold enough to buy USED expensive TC gear, KNOWING there are no repair parts, no one to support the products. That is really risky business.

WHAT IF the G-Force were maintained? Imagine the presets, even some of the more dinky ones, improved over time, updated and upgraded, because as many of us know, the chorus sometimes isn’t what it should be, the phaser is Spartan at best, the flanger, meek and one dimensional- in other words there is and was ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT. But, the digital delay is phenomenal. The chorus, when working, is fabulous, and pitch blocks are superb. I WANT TO KEEP MY G FORCE AND KEEP USING THEM UNTIL I PUSH DAISIES UP!

Look at the G-Force specifications! THIS G FORCE HAS BETTER SPECS THAN GUITAR PROCESSORS MADE TODAY!! HERE 19 YEARS LATER! G Force is a BEAST. A tour de force of technological mastery. Throwing this much technology and engineering out the door is ridiculous and a tremendous waste of money (ours and theirs) . I bought my G Forces to last a lifetime. I have treated them accordingly.

Interestingly, I have recently gone through the same process with my Korg Triton LE synth, which I bought in 2002. It was declared discontinued 5-6 years ago. The reason I found out was, my power supply blew 3-4 months ago. And guess what? No power supplies available due to the discontinued status. I have A perfectly good USED 3,000$ synth in mint condition. Which cannot be repaired or supported. Bollucks.

try to get tech support for a G Force or G System- you cannot even get into the Que unless your gear was made in 2011 or later! Frankly, I am outraged. I don’t understand how they can string us out like this. AND we are supposed to shell out MORE MONEY FOR NEW TC Electronic products>? No way. NEXT TIME MONEY GROWS ON TREES I’LL GET BACK ONTO THE MERRY GO ROUND. Evidently, stars making the big bucks, who can write off gear like this on their taxes, MAY BE THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN AFFORD THIS CRAZY GAME.

AND THERE IS NO WAY IN HADES I CAN AFFORD A NEW KORG SYNTH AND A NEW TC GUITAR PROCESSOR AT THE SAME FREAKING TIME!!! I AM DISABLED AND THINGS ARE GETTING ROUGHER FOR ME EACH AND EVERY DAY. I COULD AFFORD GOOD GEAR 15-20 YEARS AGO. NOW AS A HOBBYIST, AMATEUR, I HAVE BEEN PRICED OUT OF THIS GAME. How many of you out there have way more money now than you did 20 years ago? As with most everything else, the middle class is being priced out of this market!

I think the message is, hobbyists beware, your investments will go sour in just a few years; you may find that costly high tech gear like the G Force, 2290 and 1210 and G System, etc, can no longer be afforded by hobbyists and amateur musicians!! Only stars and big time pro’s can afford this process in THIS environment.

Alex G

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