Mimiq glitching

Mimiq glitching

Hello all, new member here, I hope I’m approaching these issues correctly.

I recently bought a Mimiq for use in my Axe Fx 2 XL Plus stereo effects loop. I have 2 amp models panned hard left and right, true stereo in/out, dub position 1, with the effect and dry knobs all the way clockwise and a low tightness setting. The effects loop is placed after the amp models and before the reverbs. It would seem that this should be the optimal/most realistic doubling possible from this pedal, and it mostly works well. However, there is one very audible glitch about every 7-10 seconds where it sounds like it totally resets, like maybe it is jumping from 2 very different delay times. In my H3000SE, this type of randomized large delay time jump glitching was minimized by the splice parameter settings, which I guess crossfaded the 2 different delay times to minimize the glitching. I generally like the Mimiq better than any other doubling effect I’ve tried, but that big reset every 7-10 seconds is a little hard to live with.

My only other observation is that there is a lot less pitch variation between the 2 different outputs in Dub 2/full stereo than I hear in real double tracking. I’m not sure I hear very much at all. It would be nice if there was a way to adjust the amount of pitch variation between the double and dry outputs. Is there a possibility of TC making an editor for it, where this and other parameters could be adjusted?

Is anybody else using the Mimiq this way, and have you noticed the same type of obvious glitching thing and lack of pitch variance?

To the moderator: Is TC aware of the glitching and is there a firmware fix coming?

If it sounds like my settings are somehow not optimal for a discrete stereo, simple doubling effect, let me know. Thanks in advance for any help!

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