Mini chorus volume drop

Mini chorus volume drop

Hey all. Recently grabbed a mini chorus.
I’m running this, along with delays and a verb, through my fx loop on a Dual Rect.

When I activate the fx loop, I have no volume drops when any, or every other effect, is active except for when the mini chorus is engaged. It’s a very noticeable drop.

I’ve downloaded the editor, tried custom tone prints. Tried a slew of artist ones. The chorus changes but still a huge volume drop.fx knob all the way or all the way down does nothing to the volume.

If i move the chorus to my after guitar line in the front, there is no volume drop.

Is there a way to fix this issue in the pedal or would I need to get a conpletely different chorus pedal?

I have no more room on my board for additional pedals and don’t want to run a booster ad a fix for this. Rather just get a pedal that functions good in the dual rect fx loop.


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