MM St Vincent – anyone changed the pots?

MM St Vincent – anyone changed the pots?

Bought the MM SV and love how it looks and plays but just cant get on with the lack of treble/sparkle (coming from an all Fender JM/Tele/Strat owner) and to my ears sounds like a guitar stuck on the tone wound down by half. Really like the mini humuckers so not interested in changing them just boosting the treble/top end without having to use eq pedal or winding the treble up on my Fender amp. So my question..

Has anyone successfully changed the pots from the 250k to 500k and if so has it made much of a difference – good or bad? I see from another message board someone was trying this but not clear whether possible with the terminal board/wiring that MM use in the guitar. I want to go get this done professionally but after some guidance to give the repair shop etc if anyone can share their exp etc.

Also any of you changed the tremolo to floating? And no I’m not trying to recreate a strat 😉


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