Modulation effects clipping

Modulation effects clipping

Hi Folks

Was playing around with the Vintage Univibe this evening and controlling the effect speed with my Exp pedal i noticed i was getting some clipping. Had a look at my settings and everything looks ok and I haven’t changed anything recently other than I setup an Exp pedal to use for my volume pedal which appears to be working fine. I noticed then that its not only univibe but a few of the other Modulation effects are clipping too like the Phaser or Chorus when I have volume of guitar up full and play a chord or single note it clips. Tried adjusting input gain and it made no difference but its only just hitting the red led occasionally anyway.

Anyone come across this before ?  Settings below , I am not getting any clipping on bypass patch .

Output Level: 0dB
Vol Position: Input
Vol: 0dB
Loop Headroom: 4dB
Loop Level: 6dB
Input Gain: 6dB

Pedal Config

Exp pedal > GFX01 Exp (rear of unit)
Exp pedal > GFX01 Vol (rear of unit)
Vol Control = Vol
GFX Vol Type = Exp


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