Music Man Body Most like the Fender Jaguar

Music Man Body Most like the Fender Jaguar

Greetings all!
I was wondering which Music Man model has a body closest to the Jaguar in terms of comfort and how it sits on your leg when playing seated.

Looking to buy my first Music Man guitar (fell in love with an Axis neck 16 years ago and still think about it).
I have gone through many Fenders and Gibsons and have stuck with my trusty mid 90s Japanese Jaguar.

A few years ago, I injured my shoulder. When I play strats, les pauls, sgs, and teles while seated for longer than 20 minutes, they aggravate my right shoulder quite a bit.

The jaguar is the only guitar I’ve played that doesn’t hurt while playing seated for an extended length of time. Perhaps it is because of the offset body? My right arm just seems to align perfectly on a jag.

The guitar stores around me don’t have Music man guitars so it is hard for me to get a feel for the different body types.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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