Music Man ruined me – for other guitars

Music Man ruined me – for other guitars

This is really an appreciation thread. I used to play a Parker Fly Deluxe for 15+ years and loved it. It made it hard to play other guitars, since it was so playable, light, innovative etc. However, I always found the tone lacking.

That got sorted with my JPXI. Same playability (those SS frets and ebony fretboard + flat radius is the closest I’ve ever gotten to a Parker Fly neck on a ‘conventional’ guitar), but boatloads of sweet tone. And the craftmanship is insane.

I recently spent a weekend in a pro studio with my band, and though I did cave and played some rythm parts on a Les Paul and Telecaster, the guitars just felt clumsy, awkward and ‘ancient’. The JPXI was a joy and delivered versatility and some impressive punch and clarity on distorted sections.

I no longer own the Parker Fly. I have an old JP6 as a backup, but I actually stopped looking at guitar classifieds, an old ‘hobby’ of mine.

All I’m tempted by now are the newer Majestys…. :p

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