Musicman Caprice Color & Fretboard Options

Musicman Caprice Color & Fretboard Options

I’m going to be buying a Caprice this year but had a few questions regarding fretboard and body color options. Are you able to select maple or rosewood fretboard with the available color options? The Caprice page leads me to believe that only certain colors(Tobacco Burst, Black, and Red) are available with rosewood boards). I love the white color but prefer the sound of rosewood. I’m not sure if I can order this option. If not, the tobacco burst also looks stellar so I’d go with that for my number 2 choice.

Greg P

P.S. After playing this bass last Sunday I was totally blown away with its balance and playability. My hands are on the smaller side of the spectrum so the combination of 1.5″ nut width with 7.5″ neck radius made playing effortless. Also unlike every other PJ I’ve played, the bridge pickup soloed sounds rich and never tinny. The variance of tone this bass is capable of is truly amazing. I’ve ways loved MM products but prefer passive basses so this is absolutely perfect. 🙂

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