MusicMan Cutlass RS Setup Issue

MusicMan Cutlass RS Setup Issue

I hope someone with a Cutlass can help. I’ve been playing for over 30yrs and have played and setup a ton of guitars but this Cutlass RS has me a bit stumped.

I recently purchased this through Guitar Center Used in excellent condition. Came looking brand new, even the plastic still on pick guard and humbucker, mint condition.

There was serious buzz all over the neck, so, I reset the neck so there’s no relief and raised the saddles and started the setup process. Got action as low as possible without buzz. Action of course too high and still slight buzz between 1 – 11 frets. I adjusted the neck to add some relief but still no improvement with buzz. Basically put action back to acceptable height and it’s just horrible. Also the 3rd string (G string) constantly goes out of tune. I think it’s a bad tuner. I’m almost positive this instrument should play better than mine does.

What am I missing? The action looks to be at a decent playable height, neck slight relief, but it just buzzes so bad. Has anyone else recieved a defective Cutlass, maybe a bad nut or fret job? I really dont want to return it as it’s so pretty so any recomendations would be appreciated.

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