My Albert Lee and a reggae band

My Albert Lee and a reggae band

Well after 42 years working for HMRC I’ve retired!

I’m not missing the 6:15 am alarm that’s for sure … so now I have more time to spend on my DeLorean 🙂 and playing guitar. I have an audition tomorrow and have learnt 20+ numbers and reggae is not as easy as you may think.

After practicing using a Fender Modern Jaguar with 2 MM 90’s I decided to break out my all time favourite – the 2006 LEAL which has 3 MM90’s and trem.

Through my old ’81 MM RD50 amp it sounds fantastic. Also ditching my fav pedals and usin an old Pod XT (Red Kidney Bean) and floorboard.

Anyway – this 06 LEAL will never leave me – it plays amazing – and it will be nice to gig again – assuming I pass the audition 🙂

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