My introduction to ebmm

My introduction to ebmm

Hi all,

Firstly, I’m from Australia, I’m new here, and I’m new to ebmm.

It all started during lockdown, here in Oz. I had been watching YouTube videos of Steve Luther and his transition from the LP to the valley arts and finally to the ebmm.

I have 1 strat deluxe (or elite, 43mm nut) I only use for clean out mild bluesy crunch. And 2 Gibson LPs. I favour my Gibby’s.

ebmm are rare here, and Luke’s even rarer.

Searching the dealer pages while bored one day I came across a sterling SUB silo3 on sale. Probably the last two in the country. So I thought I’d try it to see what is like. If I don’t like it, I can pass it on to my nephew.

I instantly loved it. Despite the average (but beefy) sounding pickups, and back bow in the neck. This neck felt so comfortable and had me playing faster than ever before.

I’ve managed to compensate for the back bow by filing the frets slightly higher action. But still needs a lot of work to get it playing right. I’ve a good Floyd rose ready to install on it. Inspired by the Luke 1.

That leads me to now, and my search for a Luke. Because I love that it has a smaller body. But it is impossible to find one to try locally.

Will it be as comfortable as the SUB?

Is it really a jack of all trades? Will it give me strat like snappy cleans, or close to it?
Will it give me LP style smooth drive and sustain?

Hence I’ve begun my quest to try and find out. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Though it might not have any other choice than to ultimately pull the trigger.

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