NBD: BFR Redwood StingRay

NBD: BFR Redwood StingRay

TL;DR – Oooo! Shiny! All my favourite stuff in one Bass. I can stop looking, I have everything I need 🙂

I spent some time in Northern California around this time last year. We visited a redwood forest and had a tour & talk. I really loved the look of the redwood and thought it’d make a beautiful Bass. I was there to pick up a neck-through StingRay, my first Bass and something I’ve really enjoyed playing. It was a great time, with good family; the first time I ever played my StingRay was up in the woods around Sebastapol, with some great Swampy Blues dudes, everything about that trip and that bass was just beautiful memories.

I had a Jazz-type 5-string for a while, never really liked it, it was just to big and wide and cumbersome, I really wasn’t ready for a 5. Then, at rehearsal last week, my current StingRay went on the blink and I had to play the 5. It was like driving a car with two clutch-pedals. As I dove for the open E…BOOM! went the low B. Not a good night. By rehearsal last night I’d restrung it E-A-D-G-and-sod-taking-off-that-last-G and got through ok. But that neck is massive.

So, last week it’s clear I need a back up Bass. I knew these redwoods were around, but I hadn’t looked in earnest. I was so lucky to find one in Oz, let alone an HH. It arrived today and I slipped it out of the box and slipped in the TM5 which was taken in trade, RTS.

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