NBD; Cool, Yet Somewhat Less Exciting Than My Inbound…

NBD; Cool, Yet Somewhat Less Exciting Than My Inbound…

Last month after selling some gear that I rarely used, I decided to treat myself to a birthday gift and buy a second StingRay Special– this time in my favorite of the classic colors:

(Photo attached below)

Yep, black & maple– the same combo as my very first StingRay bass many years ago (eventually sold it a few years back to fund a 4003… but that’s a long story). Shortly after the Specials were released in ’18 I settled in with an Aqua Sparkle Ray with the ebony fingerboard which has become my #1. Just love that bass(!)

More than just nostalgia tugging at my wallet, sometimes I just crave that simple, relaxed, traditional black/maple combo: “Nothing to see here! I’m just in the shadows, locking in with the drummer… oh look– there’s our singer… and the flashy guy with the little tiny guitar… What’s that… we have a keyboard player tonight?!”

Naturally it’s a fantastic playing/sounding instrument just as my ’18 model is, and over the last several weeks I’ve enjoyed the heck out of this little sleeper hotrod. Still I was left with a little extra cash in the music kitty– not quite enough for another bass, which frankly I didn’t desire– I just bought a second Ray!

Just for kicks, many weeknight evenings were spent reading online about the latest preamp/DIs and effects while on the couch with my sweetie in front of the TV… and no matter how much I tried, just couldn’t bring myself to buy anything new since I’m happy with what I have.

Then it happened that my loving wife suggested I buy the used Bongo I’d been eying online. “Merry Christmas!”

Ever since that odd looking thing was introduced(…crap! has it really been that long ago?!) I’ve had a secret yearning for one, but hadn’t reached the place where I didn’t care what those in my band would think. Somehow I’ve never even tried one… but now there’s one on its way to me, ETA Thursday!

This one appears to be somewhat unique in that it only has a single humbucker. Most examples I see online are dual-pickups, so I’m also jazzed about that.

Well, there you have it– a guy blessed enough to have recently purchased his second new StingRay is more excited about an incoming second-hand Bongo. Nothing like stepping outside your comfort zone to get the heart rate up 😀

P.S. Thanks for indulging my nervous excitement as I eagerly await that happy sound of a heavily laden diesel powered brown truck turning into the neighborhood

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