Need authorization tu use an official L3 pic.

Need authorization tu use an official L3 pic.

Hey guys !

We are really having a blast on the second album with grooveyard records.
Things are going much faster than what we’ve planned.
4 songs are recorded and mixed.

I would be recording right now if I did not take the decision to go back to torpedo technolgy again untill real mics. Sounds so good and lets me recording at hignt.

We tested it in a solo and we loved it.

Tristan Klein – this is a song from the new album called “…

The new torpedo device should be here saturday ( working in SPDIF is new to me ) so we decided to give a try on the artwork.

Wa have a great digital artist working with us, we will go to abstract and poetic and we would include a guitar on it. It has to be a luke. Of course.

I’m requesting the agreement from to use a picture of their product.

If anybody has an hi rez studio pic ( white background, cropped ) of a HSS bohi blue, I’d be grateful.
I found an HH bodhi blue but the resolution is not high enough to work on print ( 300 DPI )

Thanks for your help !!!

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