New Ball Family Reserve Models.

New Ball Family Reserve Models.

I received an email today letting me know of some BFR Models offered in December. I then followed the link and apparently there has been BFR Models released every month since September but it appears you have 3 different guitars offered for each month and every guitar has something unique about it making it a BFR Model.

First, If I’m understanding everything correctly, you can only order the specific models shown with the unique features on them. So for example, I can’t take the Koa wood Majesty being offered and order a Bongo bass with the same set up.

Next, is there only a 1 month ordering window for the BFR Models offered in their specific months? So for example, if I liked 1 of the BFR models offered in September, is it now to late to order 1 of the September BFR Models or can I still order from any months BFR Models while the BFR orders as a whole are going on.

Last, I only see guitars being offered in the BFR Models. Where is the love for us bass players?

Any help to these answers would be appreciated from anyone who is in the know.

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