New G-System ?

New G-System ?

Hi All.
Looking to replace my aging, and slightly failing, Boss GT-10, and have been doing a lot of research online, as to what would suit best for live band work.
The GT is used mainly as an amp channel switcher, but also for occasionally adding delay ,harmoniser or trem, which it does just ok.

i would now like an option to add pedals to switchable loops within presets,and better sounding delays etc ,which the G has.

I am seriously unimpressed with the fact that there are so many fx processors out there that do so many things (And not particularly that well either), and virtually nothing that does a few important things brilliantly, though from my research, the G-System comes closest .
From a design perspective it still looks better to me than anything at all out there, and the Line 6 Helix looks like a toy next to a G.

So reading about the G on this forum ,i still haven’t been put off :-), although it appears that TC are discontinuing them, because shops that had them here in Europe (Thomann) in stock a week ago, now no longer have them available, and i found this to be the case with a dozen or so other stockists.
Shops that have remaining stock appear to have had them for a while .as the old higher pricing was still applicable, and tbh ,unrealistic.

So it’s the second hand minefield for me, of which i find, can also be a bit unrealistic.
Used G older non iB modified this week described as “VG” condition ,but which looked like it had been thrown from a plane at 40,000 ft for £550!, and this is far from isolated too.
Seems that 2nd hand ones all come complete with a generic listing that states that Steve Vai uses one (Even though he hasn’t touched one for years) so it must be good.

So my actual point being, will TC do an all new G-System?

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