New Guitar Day (to me) + Ball Family photo 2018!

New Guitar Day (to me) + Ball Family photo 2018!

New guitar day! HUGE thanks to forumite Mike McKinney for selling me this 1-off factory special REFLEX in Buttercream with pearl pickguard. (It looks like Buttercream to me, can anyone verify?). Mike is the greatest and highly recommend him if ever buying a guitar. A true gentleman.

I have two Axis guitars already, but the chambered body in the Reflex gives an openness that the others don’t have. The Axis’ aren’t “missing” that sound, this is just a different flavor and the Series/Parallel toggle switch is icing on the cake. My small beef with the Super Sports was always the 2 & 4 position, but on this guitar, those positions just shine, I think because of the chambered body and series option. SOOOO good.

The range of tones I have with the Axis’, Valentine, Cutlass and now the Reflex is simply amazing!

The pictures on the Starry Night Cutlass don’t do the sparkle justice at all. It has WAY more attitude than the pics show.

And the newest addition!!!

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