New guy checking in with a question….

New guy checking in with a question….

So I’m a 40+ year player and I’ve been fortunate to own a lot of cool guitars. In the late 90’s I bought a Silo at a GC in Dallas marked down to about $500. Really loved the neck on that one. But it got away in the very early 2000s. Even though I’m old and all grown-up, my fingers are pretty darn stubby and short…which is why I really loved the Silo. Effortless, no fatigue.

So I’m looking for an EB. I’m very interested in the AL, (play mostly country and blues), but wondered if any of you folks could talk to me about neck profiles on that guitar as compared to a Silo.

I usually hate new guys that use their first post for a question…well, I used to…now I think their just fine!

Anyways, if anyone has any info/advice I’m happy to hear it. Thanks for having me!


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